Friday, March 12, 2010

Restaurant: Lucali

575 Henry St. nr. First Pl.
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Hours: 6-11ish, closed Tues.
Subway: F, G to Carroll Street

Lucali is, hands-down, my favorite pizzeria in New York. The debates about pizza, as seen on Chowhound et al, are very tiresome indeed, and the one concensus is that Grimaldi's is a pale former shadow of itself and only sucker tourists wait in the endless line for it. While I abstain from these debates on grounds of having a life (sort of; I am making this) I will say that while you may have to wait for Lucali, too, I don't mind. I love the staff, I love the cozy, sepia-toned space, I love Mark, the owner, I love the BYOB policy, and of course I love the delicious pizza. I get it with just fresh basil, and maybe a calzone. We'll go together, actually.

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